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I’m Zachery Moneypenny, a software engineer and guy that likes to make stuff. I’ve been building my woodshop and learning about tools and techniques since spring of 2017, and the projects you see on this site document that learning process. In 2020 I also started sewing, and have an interest in learning metalworking and blacksmithing.

This site also serves as a gallery for two of my other creative pursuits: gaming miniatures and software development.

What Does ‘whazz’ Mean?

It means “Golden Tee Golf.” Yeah, that video game in bars.

In college my friends and I would work shifts at the Howard Johnson in Madison and then take our $2.50 in tips and go buy $3 beers at a bar. If that bar had a Golden Tee game we’d play that sometimes too. Eventually we got super into the game, and got real competitive even though most of the people involved had never played golf in real life.

“So why’s it called whazz?”

I’m getting there! At work we’d see each other in a hallway and say, “You wanna go play zzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzz after work?” See, it’s the sound that little ball makes when you hit it hard. But zzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzz is a lot of syllables! So we shortened it to “whazz,” like, “You wanna go play whazz after work?”

When I graduated college and got a job out in California I, in what has come to be either a brilliant or idiotic decision depending on the day I think about it, used my entire signing bonus to buy a Golden Tee arcade machine that I could put in my apartment. I was 22 years old, and every night I drank High Life and played whazz.

And thus I mastered whazz.

Obligatory Linkfest

You can take a look at my github, twitter, and linkedin profiles if you really want to know more about my career stuff.

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