Spring Has Come Early

It’s the middle of January but things are going really well and let’s start blogging regularly again!

What’s Changed?

Professionally I’ve moved from Mobile Doorman to Cars.com. I’m excited to be working on a high-traffic Elixir site— I’d previously only worked on it for a small experimental project. Plus lots of folks I work with are transferring over from a Ruby career, and I’m eager to see training and adoption of a functional language at scale.

Since about mid-November I’m back on the keto train as well. It was refreshing to lose 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s instead of gaining 10, and it’s been a helluva lot easier doing it with my wife along for the ride since I no longer have to make two different dinners every night.

On a related note, I’m working back into olympic weightlifting again. Still rediscovering my form and working up slowly in weight, but the change to working from home has helped immensely in my ability to get into the (home) gym regularly. In particular, I used to fail because something would be happening in the morning and I’d have to miss a workout without the ability to make it up, which left me frustrated and demotivated over time. Now I can flex my workout in the morning before work, over lunch or at the end of the day before the family is back from work/day care and it’s been great!

What’s Next?

I’ll have a post coming up about a few utilitarian woodworking projects to enhance my home gym, and then some musings about getting back on the horse working on those adirondack chairs as well as some video gaming.

See back here at the end of the week!

PS- Here have this tweet.

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